Bounding HRD (ADLT 620 #2)

          We had a very enjoyable class last night, save the length <laughing>. I don’t think I could ever get used to a four hour class block.     It was interesting to examine the relationships between HRM and HRD and then to think about those distinction in relation to my organization.  My organization has a distinct HR department but no well defined or separated HRD / HRM sections.  We do have a “Training and Development Office”; however, the training offered is general knowledge and skills and not tied to any particular organizational objectives, goals or change strategy.   From and HRD perspective, this office is not addressing HRD issues except for the fact that there is learning and professional development taking place.  Does this constitute HRD?  I don’t think so, not without a focused and integrated purpose and measurable outcomes.  


          It seems odd that making these distinctions is in part at the discretion of the beholder.   Although we did examine some parameters and characteristics that distinguish HRD from HRM and that hold them together, the bounding and defining of the field is still vague.   I was glad to find out it was not just confusion in my own mind. 🙂

HRD, HRM, OD – Let’s draw the lines (ADLT 620 #1)

Whew!!!  This is going to be one whirlwind of a course, 2 nights a week, x 4 hrs a night x  5 weeks.  That mean we have 4 weekends to all the work in the course.  I don’t know about anyone else, but getting anything done on a week night is almost impossible.  The amount of work certainly seems reasonable for a 3 credit graduate course, but sure feels unreasonable to get done in 5 weeks.   So, here we go and we shall see!!

I have to admit, my own perception of what HRD is, was not nearly as accurate as I would have hoped and although we have just gotten started, I can already see just how far off I was.  It will be interesting to learn where the lines are drawn between HRD / OD and HRM.  I’ve never worked somewhere that had a strong OD or HRD function.  VCU, my employer, has a large HR department, but it’s my understanding that this department’s function is strictly HRM.  Our HR office functions include employee benefits, retirement, grievances etc but not training.

We also have a Training and Development Office at the university.  However, this office does not really take on an organizational development role.  The training provided it strictly optional and is not developed with particular changes in efficiency or productivity in mind.  There are also no post training measurements to determine if the training has had an affect on productivity, efficiency or other developmental goal.

So the lines that define hrd, hrm and od, are still very grey to me, and the more I read, the more new terms are introduced to me.   I’m looking forward to and hoping for some clarity.